Services: Clamshell Packages

The following flow-chart outlines the services we provide as well as the process we run through with our customers from 'start to finish'.

Chin-Canada Process Flow

R & D Phase

Appraise Customer's Needs
Most companies have a rough idea of what they are looking for in the way of packaging. They just don't know what is possible. We will listen to all ideas then make suggestions using our extensive experience which may be as simple as making improvements to our customer's existing packaging design, lowering their packaging cost or coming up with a completely new design.
Provide Design Ideas
Designs have to take into account many factors; uniqueness, label area, ventilation, contents volume, closing mechanism, sizing for shipping trays and store shelf display. We take all these factors into account when presenting ideas to our customers.
Prepare Drawings
Once we have a basic design idea, we will prepare full 3D Renderings that our customers can manipulate (rotate and resize) which will provide an exact picture of what the proposed design will look like (Link to 3D drawing). Drawings are typically provided within a few days. Changes are made quickly until all agree on a final 'sample' design.

Pre-Production Phase

Provide Label Samples
Our customer will provide artwork for labels and we will provide samples for approval at no cost.
Provide Clamshell Samples
We will take the approved 3 D drawings and use these to instruct our mold department to make up a single cavity sample mold. From this mold we will make a quantity of samples for our customers to test in their packaging facility as well as for presentation to their Retailers.
Make Changes
There are usually some minor changes that will need to be made to the design once testing has been completed. These could be in sizing, tightness of closing, ventilation or label placement. We will make the appropriate changes and make another sample mold, at no cost, to arrive at a final approved clamshell.

Production Phase

Have Label Plates Made
Once sample labels have been approved, label plates are made and labels printed.
Make Production Mold
From the approved sample mold, we will make a multi cavity production mold. This usually takes 2 weeks.
Test Production Run and Adjustments
There are always minor adjustments to the made to the production mold in the way of polishing, closing tightness etc. These are taken care of and the final result is a mold ready for production.
Production Run
Based on our customer's order we will proceed to our production run and have the labels applied.

Logistics - Shipping

We will ship either on pallets or loose boxes in full containers directly to our customer's facility.

After Sales Service

We offer the service of controlling our customer's inventory levels and suggest re-order quantity and timing to ensure our customers never run out of clamshells. Any issues are taken care of promptly.