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President's Profile
President's Profile

Peter Prevost has owned several businesses in different industries over the past 25 years and first began his business relationships in China in the early 1990's. With many years experience being both a customer and a supplier, Peter understands what it takes to make a customer happy.... Excellent quality, better than expected, personalized service and a price that is as low as possible.

After visiting many top factories throughout China capable of large scale food grade bag production, Peter entered into a proprietary partnership with his factory located in Coastal China. Seeing an opportunity to expand into forming, Peter and his partners, built a state of the art forming facility then moved the bag operation into the new factory.

Peter's first thought is always; 'what can we do to please our customer' and has instilled this philosophy throughout the company. Going beyond the expected level of service is what separates Chin-Canada from other companies.